🇫🇷All our workouts are phased, some are very intense, and others less.

🇫🇷Our goal is to provide you with varied workouts, so you get all the benefits of working out, you're sleeping like babies, you're not bored of repeating the same fitness regimes and that you feel so good, you won't want to come come!

🇫🇷We have three advanced trainers & one yogi on board, so we can cater for all fitness levels - if you want to die; we will kill. If you want to chill; it's your trip - you're calling it. 

🇫🇷All your workouts are included in the price *no surprise bills

🇫🇷Erica, Gill, Siobhan & Viv are your coaches

🇫🇷We've got: 

🇫🇷Pilates (Power, Classical)

🇫🇷Yoga (Power, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin)

🇫🇷Weights (Circuits, HIIT, Resistance)

🇫🇷Cardio (Hiking, Power Walking, Cardio Training)

🇫🇷Pool Time (Aqua Aerobics, Lengths)

🇫🇷Meditation (Still, Walking)

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7.30am:  Sunrise Hatha Yoga

8.00am:  WOD *Workout of the Day

9.00am:  Breakfast

10.30am:  Classical Pilates 

11.15am:  Snack

11.30am:  Great Lengths

12.00pm:  Aqua Aerobics - Cheesy Hits

1.00pm:  Lunch 


2.00pm:  16k Coastal Hike


4.00pm:  Eden Roc Vinyasa Yoga 

5.00pm:  5k Walking Meditation

7.00pm:  Dinner 

8.30pm:  Yin Yoga 

9.15pm:  Meditation

9.30pm: Bedtime Drink 



7.30am:  Sunrise Yoga Flow

8.00am:  WOD*  Workout of the Day

9.00am:  Breakfast

10.30am:  Power Pilates 

11.15am:  Snack


11.30am:  7.5k Hike du Cap

1.00pm:  Lunch

2.30pm:  Aqua Aerobics - Old School  

3.15pm:  Snack

3.30pm:  B.O.L.T (high cardio)

4.00pm:  Abs Express

4.30pm:  Yin Yang w/Meta Meditation

5.45pm:  Riviera Circuits

6.30pm:  Dinner

8.30pm:  Yin Yoga ​

9.15pm:  Meditation

9.30pm:  Bedtime Drink

🇫🇷 FOOD 🇫🇷

🇫🇷All our meals are pre-planned with the theme of the French Riviera in mind. We have access to local markets and will be booking seasonal product. 

🇫🇷Our meals are all high protein vegetarian (or vegan) and to state the obvious - healthy! 

🇫🇷All your meals are included in the price.

🇫🇷Don't be nervous if you're a fussy eater - we'll make it work.


🇫🇷Erica Drum is your head chef (prepare to drool)


🇫🇷We have three zen treatments that will totally bring the tone down, help you relax and help you body recover.


🇫🇷Full Body Massage


🇫🇷Guinot Paris Facial

🇫🇷All your treatments are an hour long and will be on your schedule. It would be ideal if you pre-booked, however you can add more treatments when you're down there, if that suits. 

🇫🇷Treatments are extra and you can book as many as you like

🇫🇷Siobhan Byrne is your beauty therapist (prepare to day time snooze)

Swedish Massage


You can choose your treatment now, of when you arrive. 

✨ Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

✨ 60-minutes

Pre-book One Treatment




Your itinerary will be personalised, so you can choose when you'd like your treatments

✨ Full Reflexology Session

✨ 60-minutes

Pre-book Two Treatments


Reiki Treatment


You can add another treatment at any stage before we kick off.

✨ Guinot Paris Facial

✨ 60-minutes

Pre-book Three Treatments