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Our amazing Yogi Gillian began practicing Yoga over 10 years ago!


  Having acquired some injuries she was advised to take up yoga, so, her initial introduction to Yoga was on a physical level.  Gillian quickly noticed how content she felt after classes and began increasing the number of times she attended. 

"I was lucky enough to find a wonderful teacher who taught Ashtanga, and I suddenly realised how important the breath was in the practice and how my work on the mat would trickle out into my everyday life. My classes are generally strong with an element of playfulness.... the mat and my everyday life is pretty much in tune with each other."

Gillian gradually became more interested in the spiritual side of the practice, the philosophy and in 2015 began a teacher training course in Samadhi in Temple Bar (she'd officially caught the bug!)

Gillian is constantly upskilling and continuously taking workshops with her favourite yoga gurus and teachers. 

Following her graduation as a Yin Yoga Teacher last year, Gillian is currently undertaking the Intermediate Ashtanga Sequence!  

Check out Gillian's classes below and add some zen into your life!


Yoga Teacher  Training in Samadhi Temple Bar

Yin Yoga Training 
Intermediate Ashtanga (in progress! You go girl!!!) 

FAV MUSIC: Favourite music for a yoga flow anything MC yogi, DJ Drez but favourite song is I am Light by India Arie

FAV YOGA POSE: I love both headstand and Bhujapidasana, for the strength, balance, focus and flexibility required!

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