BODYCYCLE Instructor Lubin has plenty of moves to keep us all our on toes and dancing on our bikes!


Originally from Paris, his background in choreographed routines such as Zumba and Pound Fit make him the ideal BODYCYCLE teacher!


Be prepared to sweat, smile, and enjoy the journey in Lubin's energetic classes and PT sessions! 

It's clear to see that Lubin is hugely passionate about Health, Fitness and Wellbeing: 

"Wellness is more than a routine, it's a lifestyle. I am super thankful to see people smiling, sweating and laughing in my class. Everyone has the power to find the good balancing in their life to become the best version of themselves." 



Personal Trainer / Nutrition EQF - Level 4
Group Instruction EQF - Level 3 

Fitness Instruction EQF - Level 3

Pound Fit 

FAV MUSIC: Dance, Electronic, J-Pop
 FAV EXERCISE:  Cable Goblet Squat