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5 Golden Rules for Fat Loss

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

​​ As you all know, I work with anyone who wants personal attention with their diet. You may have seen it - it's called "My Food Project". When starting off, it's just simply understanding what the person is eating then I start to guide. I've been working with some people since I started in August, and really my job is done. They're food is 99% perfect - which for me - is perfection when dealing with humans and food.

They continue to send it to me for many reasons, but primarily so we can stay in the loop of each other and so they don't fall off the wagon. It's just a little check in.

Last week, I was chatting to one of the gals who does personal training with me and I was telling her my golden rules - she left the session and I realised - I HAVE NEVER SHARED THIS. Of course, I it comes up in PT sessions or general conversations, but never in writing for people to read... and re-read when they have the food guilts (if you get them - work on that!!! They are not cool!)

This is not a diet and honestly can take years to fully come full circle with these, so don't feel that you need to nail them all this weekend.

1. Don’t obsess over calories You do not need to cut your portions in half to lose weight. Actually you'll prob prolong the process by doing that as it's completely stressful living your life being constantly hungry - hAngryyy!

If you start skipping meals it’ll make your body think you’re starving—which will subsequently result in a metabolic slowdown, so, you’ll storing your tomatoes and fat and you will not burn any fat.

2. Understand what your body can eat So, this is what I try to do for you when you start your Food Project. When you send me your food everyday, I can spot if you're having too many sugars or carbs (or fats and proteins = but no one ever really goes overboard on them). I change up your portions (with your targets) and correlate them against your progress (inches and body fat)

3. Cortisol Cortisol is a hormone that gets produced primarily from stress. So having high stress levels, not sleeping, anxiety etc. Basically anything that puts your body under duress. It is not a good hormone to have in your body all the time and it also sits on the lower part of your belly 😒 This is the hardest thing to manage I find - you can book your classes, send me your food but the stress is all on you 🙏🏻 Do yoga, read, go to bed early, take fish oils, try reiki, acupuncture, reflexology -things that'll help your relax.

4. Fitness

It's simple - we gotta move! For SOOO many reasons - overall wellbeing, joint & muscle mobility, headspace, strength, strengthening your lungs & heart ♥ , fat loss, muscle gain etc.

5. Eat REAL Food

I am totally guilty of this! If I am late for breakfast, I will eat a protein bar. This is granddddd, but it's not ideal and I feel it's something we should all be aware of. What I should be doing is having a batch of homemade protein balls ready in case of emergency starvation.

Everything we eat needs to be Real Food = foods that were once alive and came from the land, sky, or sea. This basically includes fruit, vegetables, grains, meat, eggs, and fish—and it excludes man-made chemicals like artificial sweeteners, dyes, and preservatives, many of which are believed to disrupt metabolic activity.

The easiest way to ensure you’re eating real food is to avoid anything processed. But since that’s kind of hard to do 100 percent of the time, reading labels is the next best thing. If there are lots of ingredients on the package that you don’t recognise, put it back on the shelf!

I hope you'll keep these in mind when you're peering into the fridge!

Erica xxx


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