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Andrea's Helpful Hair Tips :)


Hello again and welcome to my blog. In deciding what to write for my blog I have decided to look at hairdressing from a clients' perspective. I will hopefully be able to give you some tips for a more enjoyable experience in the salon chair.

Firstly, try not to be intimated walking into the hair salon. A good hairstylist wants you to enjoy your experience and walk out feeling a million dollars!

Good Hairstylists are highly trained in their profession and are there for any of your hair needs and queries.

Hairdressing is a science and a good stylist will be able to convey their knowledge with you in an easy friendly environment.

The reason we get so many returning clients at The Salon Howth, is because we try to understand our clients' needs and give our own advice, but they key is making sure we are both on the same page about the service being provided.

I feel there is no question too silly or time wasting. As I am the professional I do not expect my clients to understand how everything works.

A complaint I've often heard from clients about other salons is that they never get what they actually want so they just never go back to that salon.

In regards to blow-drys if you're having difficulty explaining what way you like it, always bring a picture. The more pictures you have, the better, as we can both see what it is you like and what it is that you don't want.

It is so important that we are speaking the same language, after all if I say the words 'feather' 'body' 'straight' 'curls', each word will put a picture in your mind, but a stylists' picture and your picture may be two completely different things.

This is the same when having any colour or highlight service done. Show your stylist the pictures and explain what you do and don't like about it. We can then tell you if that will work or if we may need to do some colour correction to work towards achieving your hair goals.

Again words like 'highlights', 'lowlights', 'masking', 'flood lights', may vary in meaning from stylist to stylist and in different salons, so it is very important that we understand exactly what you are looking for.

Trust your hairstylist, after all we have spent years training in our craft, and keep up to date with courses every year. We all have our strengths, so don't be afraid to book in with another stylist and see who is the best fit for you, we really don't get offended.

We are here to help you, and listen to any problems you may have too. So a personality match is just as important.

We want you to be happy and have your hair in good condition, so even if you want our advice on colour you are doing yourself at home, we will do our best to help you with any issues you are having, or advice you want.

Thanks for reading!

Andrea 😃


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