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Andrea's advice for your hair

Updated: Aug 8, 2019


In my profession, I am asked a lot of the same questions again and again. So, today I am going to hopefully give you some helpful advice and simple tips to apply to your everyday haircare routine. My aim is to make life a little easier for you when trying to manage your hair at home.

Lets start with the basics. Shampoo & Conditioner:

If you have colour in your hair:

As there are so many on the market these days, I recommend a shampoo & conditioner that will work with your hair and help with any problems that you're having. e.g. If you hair has an all over tint, red, brown, black, copper or even blondes; I suggest a S&C for coloured hair. It will say on the bottle along the lines of; 'colour seal' or 'colour lock'. This type will stop your colour from fading and losing it's shine. Many companies now offer conditioners with pigments built in. These conditioner's are really moistening and will stain the ends of you hair with colour, so your hair will never look faded. There are purple ones (these are for blondes), and they help kill all the yellow tones in the hair. These conditioners are completely safe to use and can be left in your hair for 3-60minutes. You'll often hear them referred to as 'colour bombs', 'colour balls' or 'colour refreshers' etc.. My favourite of these is the Revlon Nutri Color Crème (which we stock in Plush; Hair Rooms). These can be used in salon with your blow dry for only €5 extra, or you can take one home for just €20.

If your hair is very broken, dry or bleached:

You should get a nice 'moisture', 'repair' or 'cleanse' S&C, which will help with dryness and add some moisture. For extra heat protection and to stop hair braking when you're combing it wet, I highly recommend Revlon UniqOne treatment sprays (these are leave in conditioners and you maybe familiar with their older sprays, Revlon Equave). These UniqOne leave in conditioner sprays are new and improved, with ten real benefits to the hair. They also come in three beautiful Fragrances. Trust me guys these are AMAZING !!


The most important thing everyone SHOULD do is; comb through your conditioner! It has really surprised me how many people actually do not do this! You need to realise how important it is. If you do not comb through your conditioner, your conditioner will not work properly. Get yourself a wide tooth comb or soft detangle brush and leave it in your shower. Combing through your conditioner seals the conditioner down each hair shaft. As only 70% completely rinses out, be sure to give your hair a really good rinse so as you don't want to be left with greasy hair by the next morning. If you you don't comb through your conditioner it never really works on each hair properly, which means when you rinse it off your hair will feel like you've never even used it in the fist place. A lot of effort for nothing! Also there is no need to pace conditioner near your roots. Your hair gets naturals oils starting from the root area, so you only ever need to condition your mid-lengths and ends.

Hair has LOTS of handy tricks and tips, so keep an eye for my next blog on; How to Blow Dry & Curl your own hair :)


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