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Autumn Beauty Readjustments

Hello everyone,

Beauty blog time again :)

The summer holidays have finally come to an end and the kiddies are going back to school, although its true to say we will all miss those long summer days - and what a summer it has been! But yet again autumn is upon us and it’s personally my favourite time of year!

So now that you will have maybe a lil more “me time” this is the perfect time for you to make some beauty readjustments; so here are some easy tips to help you to look and feel your best!!


• Nail care

Nail polishes - The seasons are changing so why not give your nail colours a change too? Time to say adios to those summery corals and pinks and opt for some of those warmers tones which will keep you feeling on point! Colours on trend for autumn 2018 are earthy tones, teals, plums, even pastels are hanging around and I’m happy to see a bit of sparkle too.

At The Salon Howth we focus on the health and the condition of your natural nail. Why not try our fabulous Nailtiques Manicure; it is sure to bring those dehydrated brittle nails back to their full health (from the shellac overload) in no time.

Also, our feet have been exposed a lot these last few months and this can make the skin prone to having hardness particularly on the soles of the feet, so let us remedy that for you in our luxury salon, treating you to a nourishing Nailtiques Deluxe Pedicure with those dreamy heated booties that are sure to do just the trick!

A woman with manicured hands and feet to me is:

🏼well groomed/polished


🏼and has their priorities right ;)

• Guinot Techni Body Wraps️

Maybe during the summer holidays we have over indulged with those martini’s and bbqs and they have left us all feeling well....a bit sluggish... so why not try our GUINOT Slimming and Firming Wraps - they are always so popular this time of year for obvious reasons ...I mean lets face it...who doesn’t want to get slimmer and have firmer skin tone??

I totally recommend these; the texture of your skin after one treatment is amazing.....softer, smoother and hydrated!! Bye bye cellulite 🏻🏻

• Skin care ️

Ok; so you know I’m going to express my concern with your skin. It has taken a hit with the absolute fabulous weather; but the change in climate is coming ladies and your skin will change with it.

Visit us for a complimentary skin consultation and let us educate you on how your skin is coping with the weather change and what skincare products you may have to say “hello” or “goodbye” (this is essential) to.

If you're a lady who loves the outdoors, golfing on a crisp Autumn day, cliff walking with your pal in Howth or whatever; you must protect your skin! Shield it with Guinots Protect Repair Day Cream and you will be set. We have a huge variety of products and facials to choose from so let us guide you in the right direction - we will tailor your skincare regime specifically to you.

• Spray Tan

Just because the sun may be hiding over the next few months, I always feel and look better with a healthy glow; a light misty spray tan is a must in my eyes to feel confident and look healthy.

We use the Bellamianta Tan, it has a beautiful olive tone, dries in seconds and will keep you looking fab all season long!!!

Can’t wait to see you in The Salon!!!


Your Beauty Expert xxx

ps. You can book in all your beauty treatments online or call us today; 01 816 7080 (we're open & ready for you)

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