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Black & White Food List

Becoming healthy and eating clean can be a lot easier if you have a general list of what to eat and what tot not eat. The more knowledgable you are about food, the more eating healthily makes sense, so it's significantly easier to do. Below is a Black & White List for those to WANT TO LOSE BODY FAT - NOW.

Happy Eating,

Erica x



White carbs

Remember if it’s white then it ain’t right! You should avoid bread, rice (including brown), whole grains, cereal including steel-cut oats, potatoes, past, tortillas and breaded fried food. This includes chips, crisps or anything derived from potatoes, clear avoidances are cakes, cookies, pastries and crackers.

Don’t drink calories or alcohol

Do not waste your calorie intake on drinks. This ranges from beer and wine to milk, pure fruit juices and fizzy drinks. You may have diet fizzy drinks, however, make sure you limit them as the artificial sweeteners can have a dampening effect on weight loss and are highly addictive.


Don’t eat fruit except for citrus fruits, lemons/limes and the berry family. Yes, I did just say that! Fruit is full of sugar and can be the enemy of weight loss.

Stay away from dairy

Avoid cow’s milk, cheese or any other dairy except for grass fed butter. If you need to add milk to something opt for a healthier option such as unsweetened almond or coconut milk. This obviously includes chocolate as well (boooo).

Oils and deep frying

Don’t use vegetable oil or deep fry foods. Cooking in grass fed butter, olive oil or coconut oil is totally fine. If you have a deep fat fryer in your kitchen then we recommend that you remove it to avoid temptation. The more you cook the food the less nutrients it has, so, I recommend cooking your food as little as possible for it to be healthily consumed.




Consume as much protein as you like. This includes things like:

★ Eggs

★ Beef

★ Fish

★ Pork

★ Chicken

★ Lamb

★ Beef

I recommend that you eat fish at least three times a week!


Vegetables are your friend they are a healthy, nutritious way to fill your plate and make you feel full. Things like:

★ Broccoli

★ Cauliflower

★ Other cruciferous vegetables

★ Sauerkraut

★ Kale

★ Asparagus

★ Peas

★ Green beans

There is no limit to how many of these vegetables you can eat. Although, not classed as vegetables these are a-ok as well:

★ Tomatoes

★ Olives

★ Peppers

★ Avocados

Healthy fats

Olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and grass fed butter are perfectly fine to consume and cook with


Eat as many legumes as you like, such as:

★ Lentils

★ Black beans

★ Pinto beans

★ Red beans

★ Soy beans

★ Chickpeas


★ Cinnamon can enhance the weight loss and detoxing properties of your diet. ★ Make sure that you eat your first meal within one hour of waking and wait no more than 4 hours and a half between meals.

★ Drink Green Tea - it boosts your metabolism

★ Minimum 3ltr of water a day please

★ Finally, don’t eat within 3 hours before going to bed.


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