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Chocolate Almond Brownies

Are you back on track and eating clean… But getting thrown off by that chocolate craving?

Well do we have a solution for you - CHOCOLATE ALMOND HOMEMADE PROTEIN BARS!



170g Coconut Flour

170g Chocolate Protein Powder

100g Ground Almond

650g Almond Butter

150g Honey

100ml Almond Milk

For the top:

Roasted Flaked Almonds

Desiccated Coconut


Line a 10 x 10 inch cake tin with parchment paper and set aside.

In a mixing bowl mix all dry ingredients together (coconut flour, protein, ground almond) set aside.

In a separate microwaveable bowl, add nut butter with honey and melt together. Pour into dry mixture and mix until fully combined. If batter happens to still be crumbly add almond milk in small amounts and continue to mix forming a thick batter.

Pour batter into lined cake tin and press mixture firmly into place, decorate and place in fridge for 40-60 mins. Remove and cut into bars.

Hope these healthy Low Carb Sugar Free no bake Protein Bars help with your Chocolate cravings.

They will also go perfectly as that something sweet alongside your Tea or Coffee.

Ensuring you use a suitable Protein Powder they are also Gluten free and Vegan friendly!


Happy Baking,

Ashling xx


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