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Hairdressers Top 5 Questions 💇🏻‍♀

Hi Everyone,

All the leaves are falling and I am loving the Autumn, it's probably my favourite time of year, and I'm starting to get excited for the 'C' word, but... I wont mention it yet, lol.

So, normally in my blogs I try to explain about all the products and the in-salon service treatments that we provide at The Salon Howth but for something a bit different today, I thought I would answer the top 5 questions I get as a Hairdresser from my clients...



Question 1:

Do I have a partner or any children?

Believe it or not this is the question I am asked most frequently 😂

So the answer is, No. I am currently unattached and have no children, with the exception of a large breed fur baby called Bobby who takes up most of my time!

Question 2:

Can you colour your hair during pregnancy?

Yes! This is a common misconception. Colouring your hair during pregnancy or after child birth is perfectly fine. IT CANNOT HARM YOUR BABY. The reason this became a whispered rumour is because during pregnancy you have much higher hormone levels and they fluctuate during your pregnancy, which means you are at higher risk to 'reactions'. This is not just with hair colour but with food, body & face creams,materials, etc... So its just something you need to be aware of. If something doesn't feel right always tell the professional or if your at home colouring, wash the product off immediately if you're concerned.

Question 3:

How often should I wash my hair?

This varies from person to person, as we are all different and have different lifestyles. On average twice a week is the 'ideal' amount of washing ones scalp. If you wash more frequently you tend to over stimulate the production of sebum (oil) that your scalp makes naturally, this leads to your hair becoming overly 'greasy'. Once a week is fine but if you have a 'dry' or 'flaky' scalp, you'll need to wash twice a week as the scalp will become itchy and more irritated if left longer. (Nioxin is great for itchy scalp & it is colour safe too).

Question 4:

How often should my children's hair be checked for lice?

We are all very busy and it can be hard to find the time for this, let alone being allowed do it by your little ones. Ideally everyday, but in reality their hair should be combed with the lice comb, at least once a week after baths or showers. This will remove any unhatched eggs and you will see any walking around, if your child has them. If you find any creepy crawlies you must treat the child, and any siblings. Its important to change the children's bedding the same evening as treating. Generally lice disappear shortly after puberty, as the child' hair starts to get oily (it becomes to difficult for the insect to glue its eggs onto the hair shaft - although teens and adults can still get outbreaks if they come into direct contact with a host).

Question 5:

Colours & Highlights & Cuts - how often should I get them?

Colours - Depending on your hair growth and if your just maintaining your current length. For grey regrowth- on average every 6 weeks. If you start to go very white and need to get it done more often, I suggest masking every 3-4 weeks then full colour every second go. I would also advise picking up a dry colour touch spray, most common is the L'Oréal, in a small green bottle available in most chemists. For cheaper alternatives try Superdrug or Boots which stock larger bottles in different brands. This will keep you going until your next colour service.

Highlights - Every 6-12 weeks. So again this depends on your own hair colour. Some people get longer than others and you should alternate from Full-Head, T-Bar to Half- Heads.

Cuts - If you're maintaining your current length you should probably think about a hair cut every 6 weeks. If you want to grow your hair I suggest a trim every 4-6 months.

I am always available for any questions you may have, phone the salon or book in with me for a brief consultation.

Andrea x

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