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Healthy Cheat Clean Almond Buns

Here are my healthy Low Carb Sugar Free Almond Buns to help with your Summer Sugar Cravings!

As we all know we tend to use ‘Ahh sure its Summer’ as an excuse to give up and eat whatever we like!!

So, why not make our cheat clean Almond Buns and have the best of both worlds -staying on track and killing those sugar cravings!

They will also go perfectly as that something sweet alongside your Tea or Coffee.






Coconut flour 100g

Ground Almond 150g

Baking powder 1tsp

Unsalted butter 100g

Eggs 2

Honey 80g

Almond essence 3-4 drops


Raspberries 1 punnet

Lemon Juice small squeeze

Cinnamon Pinch

Honey small squeeze


Preheat oven 180 Fan/ Gas mark 4

Mix all dry ingredients in bowl (coconut flour/almond/baking powder)

Whisk butter till soft in separate bowl!

Add half the dry ingredients and 1 egg to butter continue whisking while slowly adding more of the dry ingredients.

Once all your dry ingredients are added, add your 2nd egg honey and almond essence.

Place small saucepan on hob with raspberries and lemon juice.

Once it starts to heat up mash the raspberries in saucepan using a fork, then adding cinnamon and honey leaving on the heat for 2-3 mins.

Place half the almond mixture into bun cases add tsp of raspberry filling and cover with almond mix.

Place in oven for 20mins till golden brown!! Take out place on wire rack let cool and ENJOY!!


Happy Baking,

Ashling xx

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