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lululemon. Yes, we love it.


You may not know this story, so I thought I'd share it today for my blog.


Why do I love lululemon? It's simple. I love working out, but I absolutely hate working out in leggings that go see-through when I squat, leggings that roll down my tummy when I do a sit up and leggings that ride down when I do a burpee. I hate tops that emphasise my love handles, tops which it's sleeves are too short for my long arms and sports bra's that are a like a cami top that I wore when I was 13.

lululemon makes me feel confident when exercising and god knows, every little helps when you have to sweat in front of other people.


People are often surprised when they enter The Gym and realise that we stock lululemon, well here's the long story...

I discovered lululemon in 2009 when I was away with Mum, I had just started working out (in Contours... who remembers seeing me there?) and I was totally hooked on this uber trendy active wear.


In 2014, I was in NYC trying out a lovely Yoga studio when I spotted a small little rail with lululemon on it (even though there was about 5 stores in NYC at the time!). So, immediately, I found a contact in lululemon to see how this studio got lululemon... because if they could get it. So could I.

At that time, lululemon stockists (that's what we are) were not in Ireland and actually hadn't even opened their first store in the UK (that was December 2014). So that kinda sucked, no lululemon in Ireland...


I went to visit the first lululemon store in London and after I bought two big bags of lulu, I asked for the Store Manager, explained that I was really keen to get lululemon into The Gym and gave her my card in case anything came up.

Then.. 18-Months Later...

Something came up. The original woman I spoke to on in 2014, went on Maternity Leave in 2016 and I got an email from her cover asking me was I still interested in becoming a stockist... Two years my little card sat in an office...!

Two months later - lululemon is in The Gym Howth.


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