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Meet Erika!


Hello everybody!

Because I am a new addition to the yoga teachers group in The Gym Howth, I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself.

I am from The Czech Republic and have been living in Ireland for the last 14 years. That is why my English is not perfect (especially my pronunciation) but I am doing my best. Back at home I was in a dancing group from the age of six to my early twenties. So I guess I always liked to move to the music and probably that is the reason I like having music on during my yoga classes. In college I did aerobics and got an aerobics teacher certificate.

I discovered the magic of yoga much later. To be honest I always thought that yoga is just some sort of stretching and that is not a proper workout. Until my friend lent me a yoga DVD. Wow – I was taken away, it was love at first sight :) I certainly didn’t find it easy and I quickly changed my opinion about yoga. It was tough and I really liked the effects it had on my mind. I felt calmer and more open-minded. To make long story short, I knew quite soon I wanted to teach yoga and make other people feel amazing after taking a class.

It took a lot of courage to sign up for the yoga teaching course but I am so glad I did. It gave me much more than I expected. Last year I was teaching in Clongriffin Hub and from this September I have the honour to teach in the lovely studio here in The Gym Howth.

In my classes, I like to use music, essential oils and props! When I started practising yoga, I didn’t use any props because (of course!) I was a flexible former dancer – my ego was telling me that I have to be able to do asanas without props even if it meant I was straining my muscles. Again, I was wrong. Now after practising yoga for many years I use props whenever I need to. I realised I have quite short arms and using a brick actually makes poses like side angle pose much more enjoyable and allows better alignment in the upper body. And as a result I can find more focus and ease in a pose that is otherwise challenging for me. Yoga simply taught me to be honest with myself and let go off the ego as much as possible. Yoga is a process, it is a wonderful journey and much more than just a physical exercise.

If you are free on Friday mornings I hope to see you in the studio on the mat. I might get confused with left and right side sometimes, I could even say “feet” instead of your “hands” from time to time but I can assure you I am doing my best to get your through the practice safely so you can feel amazing at the end of the class.

Namaste :) Erika xx


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