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My Food Diary Project 🍳

SO! My latest project issssssssss:

My Food Diary Project 🍳 For those of you who may know me for so long here is a reminder of what my background actually is 😂 In 2008, I started with Pilates (my first love), then studied Personal Training (including the older adult and pre/post natal). After that, I went on to become a IINH Nutritional Consultant. It feel's like many moons ago, but it is important to do more studying than just a 6-week course online....! I specialise in Fat Loss Training for Women (mainly...) and Pre & Post Natal Training however, my clientele does vary from that to post surgery re-habitation training, strength and conditioning training and weight gain management. Apart from management within my businesses, I do dedicate hours every week to personally work with clients on a 121 basis and of course I hit up some group classes at The Gym Howth. My attitude when dealing with any client is that I use my personal experience and try and be a fresh set of eyes for whatever their goal is. I’ve ran my fitness business for 9 years now and I’ve witnessed a lot of yo-yo dieting. Witnessed and participated... I have panicked hundreds of times and done it myself. I’ve binged, I’ve starved, I’ve tried every diet on the market – I even tried this “Ice Diet", have you heard about this… basically, the colder your body temperature is, the harder your metabolism works – so I’d have cold showers in the morning… like COME ON ERICA – Get a grip! I’m aware, that this might sound insane that I’m sitting here publicly admitting to falling for major marketing campaigns, but I am a human (shock) and body conscious – heck – I may as well be honest here. Yes, for like 12 years now, I have worked on my eating habits a lot and I have discovered what foods agree with me and which ones make me feel like rubbish, so this hasn’t all happened over night – it’s taken years!! So, THIS YEAR, I decided to get a bloody grip. I OWN A GYM – I have to find a way to be happy in my own skin. I have to stop feeling guilty from getting take away every now and again. Now, before I go into this, I want to make something clear When I mean – eating clean: I mean no processed sugar, no trans fats, nothing that lives in a box, low salt and low alcohol intake. The reason is, come on guys – we all know if you want to have a healthy lifestyle they can’t be your staples. So I’m moving past that and am not going into a rant on it. I do not believe in dieting – it’s a term that is completely used incorrectly – every person in the world is on a diet. A diet means “this is what you eat”. The problem is the term is so frequently used “I’m on a diet”, well we know that… you’re still alive – everyone who is is “on a diet”. Your diet is completely different to my diet, your body is completely different to mine, your sleeping patterns are different, we use our phones differently, we work differently, our stress management is different, our happiness levels are completely different. Every single thing about me is different to you – so WHY would we follow the exact same eating patterns – I will react completely differently to certain foods that you will. I don’t know how food works with your body, cause I’m not in your body. I can’t feel the reactions, the signals, only you can. What I do know is your body composition can tell me a lot, so can your fitness levels, your moods, your lifestyle, your working environment and when you tell me what you eat... Nowwww, I can start to figure you out. Why is this my new project?
(As you can see from January - post CHRISTMASSSSSS - I like to sink or swim, so I'm sinking by taking a progress pic on New Years Day!) Because if I'm going to suggest something to you, I'm going to complete it first. I like to fully understand what I recommend.This year, I’ve logged what I ate. Now I’ve always kept a food diary, because I’m so aware of how you can mindlessly eat. So, you just grab that dairy milk that was in the fridge, ah, it was only half the bar – so “I didn’t actually eat it”. No, you did actually eat that.But I took it to the next level this year, I log things: So most days, I eat clean and then when I eat sugar – I log it. I was on holidays last week, I had a dessert – profiteroles, amazing – that’s a sugar portion Erica; you’re on one,Every week then I can see what my portions are; weeks turn into months and then I can track what I’m doing. So in February, we were on holidays, that was my worst month – that’s fine; that’s being on holidays, but that means that I make sure I don’t hit those portions again.I am 100% accountable, I am putting the food in my mouth, no one is making me and when I log it; I can think – am I really going to waste a sugar count on can of coke – no.This year, my body fat and weight has dropped to the lowest it’s been in 7 years.Nothing has changed, I am not doing anything different, I’m just aware of what I’m eating, how often I’m training and every month striving to be slightly healthier. What this will do for you:

• To be clear; what I’m asking you to do is; follow a template; it’s short, it’s sweet. It requires you to tell me what you eat, drink, how happy you are today, what your stress levels are like etc. Every night you send it to me and I’ll reply, every week and every month I will write personally to you about your week and month, setting mini goals that will turn into long term results.

• It will change your mind set around working out and eating. Seriously, you start to see how much alcohol you drink or how little you exercise, you start to assess things.

• This is NOT a quick fix, it’s not a weight loss plan, it is a “getting to know your body and how it works plan”

• This is not a pre-written booklet, this is me working with you and your goal (whatever your goal is; weight gain, weight loss, overall healthier eating etc.)

• At the beginning, we’ll measure you, fitness test you and take some progress pictures, over the year, we’ll assess them all. So, we’ll discover, if you’re over training or under-training, eating too many grains or eating too little protein etc. If your diet is perfect, but actually you’re not getting any fitter or leaner because you’re struggling with something in your personal life. If that happens (and eh… it does!) Stop beating yourself up, seek help or advice and then your mind will fall in line.

• The truth is though – it will require your trust. You’ll have to trust me, you’ll have to be honest with me, cause if you’re not; then really you’re wasting both of our time.

• What I will do, is be honest with you. If you’re working out 8 sessions a week and your pick at a few lettuce leaves, you need to hear that this is not gonna bring you any closer to your goals. Cause, come on; it’s not.

• Lastly, I would like to point out, I am not a therapist or doctor. I am a 28 year old woman, who will advise you based on my personal and working experience in the field of dealing with people and their bodies.

If you want to start your Food Diary Project 🍳 with me, jump onto this link and register yourself;


Below are some T&C's, so give them a read before you decide to decide.

I'll see you all during the week,

Eat well, Erica xx


• If you are a personal training client here at The Gym Howth with myself or any of the trainers here, this service is included in your personal training packages - so register above and we'll get in touch with you.

• If you are a client at The Gym or a client in any gym or a client who does not have a gym, you’re more than welcome to do this too – welcome :)

•This is quite time consuming for me, but I do truly believe that this is the future - we need to understand ourselves and the awareness we have around food and exercise.

• I genuinely need you to commit to this. If you’re on holidays, you need to send the pizza’s. I need to learn about you. If you start this and after two weeks – think “It’s not for me”, that’s absolutely fine, but I’ll have already invested a lot of time into your case. So, pleaseeeee don't lead me on.

• I am not in the business of stalking people, so if a few days go by, and I don’t hear from you, I’m taking it as you’re not interested anymore. I’ll send you a template and you can copy and paste it and send it back to me every night – it doesn’t matter what time, just send it.

• Because of that; the minimum time-line for this is a 3-month subscription; In 13-weeks, we’ll have a good base line, but I’d encourage you to keep doing this for as long as you can – I know, I will be.

• The cost is €1 per day. And it’s weekly subscription based system.


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