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Our new beautiful treatment

In 2004, I started my beauty therapy training and in the past 13 years, I have worked with plenty of brands, some smaller ones and also the big brands such as Yonka, Ella Bache, Dermalogicia etc. This year, when we decided to expand our beauty services, I knew we had to have the highest quality brand for our clients, who deserve the best - so I chose Guinot (and my next blog will be on why I love Guinot so much, however, not today),


Our salon is special, we are a small salon - in a gym. So health and wellness is a necessity (we can't just be all about eyebrows - although, they are important too). In spring, I dug a little deeper to find the most beautiful treatment to work for those who are gym bunnies and who want to help with their fitness goals (and..... say goodbye to cellulite).

Our Guinot Techni Slimming and Firming Body Wraps, have all the top ingredients to target cellulite, fluid retention and loss of tone! So, you've lost some weight from BodyCycle and you're following The Gym's food guidelines, brilliant - but don't get left with excess skin - get your Guinot treatment. Our treatment is not only our wrap procedure - it has a body deep tissue massage included (which is VITAL for fat loss! Did you know that Victoria Secret Models get one sports massage EVERY WEEK to break down all the dead tissue from working out).

This is what your experience of getting the 60-minute Techni Wrap Treatment will be like:

You will be greeted into the salon room which is lit by candle light and of course relaxing music on, so you can start to relax straight away.

You'll lie down on our 'heated' bed, and we will start with pressure points on your feet continuing into a deep tissue full leg massage. Then the leg wrap begins; wrapping the warm saturated serum wrap up the leg including the bum, hips and tummy, right up under the bust.

While the wrap works its magic you can relax in the tranquil calming room. After approximately 20mins, the wraps are removed and the highly active moisturiser is applied.

This treatment will give instant results but I would suggest to reduce your cellulite and excess skin, complete a course (3, 6, 9 or 12 treatments).

Guys this is a fantastic treatment, perfect if you are on a health kick or training hard in the gym, let me help you get the best version of you!

Nicole :)

P.S: If you're a blog reader, you'll get 10% off our Techni Treatment, just mention that you read our blog when booking your wrap - enjoy Xx


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