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Staying Motivated!

I'm sure everyone knows the benefits of exercise when it comes to our physical health, but there are a few more benefits that exercise can bring into our lives.

In my life, sports and exercise has not just helped me stay fit and strong but also helped me through hard times - in a nut shell - it has kept me happy.


Some more reasons, why we ALL should be working out:

Health- Increases your energy levels, makes you stronger for everyday tasks, reduces your risk of illness and keeps your bones and muscles strongHappiness- When we workout, our bodies release endorphins, these basically make us feel happy and they can also reduce the perception of painConfidence- Exercising regularly can change the way we look at ourselves. Losing weight, gaining weight or toning up, whatever your goal is, gaining control over our bodies helps us change how we look and feel about ourselves. Mental health- Due to the happy hormones and the control over our bodies, exercise can massively help with feelings of depression and anxiety.Socialising- As someone who struggled with social anxiety growing up, exercise and sport has definitely help me so much in my life. Training was something that got me out of the house and around people - throwing me out of my comfort zone whilst doing something that made me feel better. Going to The Gym, hitting classes or playing sport allows you to meet new people and make some likeminded friends.Sleep and Relaxation - who doesn't want better sleep?

Staying motivated and sticking to a routine can be a challenge at times but here are some of the things that I do, to help me stay fully motivated and charged up, ready for the next challenge!

Short Term/ Long Term Goals: Most people starting their fitness journey usually make themselves a long-term goal (which is great!), but what is just as important is to have small short term goals to keep you constantly focused along the way. Having a short term goal e.g: Lifting a little bit heavier next week or doing one extra class, can keep you motivated; knowing you are progressing in your journey - taking one step at a time. Finding a form of exercise that YOU enjoy: This, I think is one of the most important ways of staying motivated - you need to actually like it! If you are dreading doing a certain exercise type, then quite often, you'll find every excuse under the sun, not to do it! So, if you don't like it - ditch it and find something you DO like!Doing it with a friend: It can be difficult sometimes to start or come back to a form of training when your doing it on your ownie owe - so why not train with a friend! Relax about the scales: SO many people when they start training, do it to lose some weight and get fit (which is great!) but if the only measure of that, is using the scales - it can be quite disheartening.

Here at The Gym, we focus on physical changes (such as body fat, inches, progress pictures) and concentrate on all the benefits above, not everything in life needs to revolve around that scales. The scales can be quite inaccurate - I'm aware that if you gain 10kg - that's something to address, but there are so many ways to measure your success, make sure the scales is the last one on your list!

I hope this helps!

Stay connected.

Keep coming back.

See you soon in the classes and around in the gym :)

Vivian xx

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