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The truth about Chemical Peels

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well :) Firstly I want to thank you to all for taking the time to read my blog. As a beauty therapist I love chatting to you guys about all things beauty; whether it's the skin, body, nails, tan, lashes, new products, new techniques or new cosmetics that are on the market... BUT of course I'm a true Guinot lover!!

Skin care is my passion so i'll always keep you updated with any new treatments being launched therefore, today I want to discuss "chemical peels". What they do? How they work? And why you SHOULD be getting peels done on a regular basis.

Peels generally have always had this stigma attached to them as being scary and harsh on your skin leaving it red raw - we all remember that Samantha moment in Sex & The City (ha!ha!). I can safely say peels have come a long way since then and that is why peels are more popular now, then ever before.


Because of the speed! Peels are intense, they have the ability to strip the top layer of skin which means products can be absorbed faster onto fresh new skin cells hiding underneath. So, basically, results are nearly instant.

What kind of results?

Smoother, younger, even skin tone and they reduce pigmentation. Peels can also improve the texture of your skin eg: scarring (which is amazing!).

Here at The Salon Howth, we have recently launched the new "Hydra Peel" and the results are proving to be fabulous; so far, our clients have been thrilled with the results! One of the key factors with this new peel is; yes it's medical grade but it has two versions (of which we'll decide for your facial based on your skin).

The first is with Acid PH (for all skin types)

The second is manual Hydrabrasion (for gentler or sensitive skins)

So, this peel suits all skin types which is great news for people with hyper sensitive skin as you guys are not left in the dark :)

I would highly recommend a course of the hydra peel (6-facials) so you'll get the ultimate result (ps. It is also the perfect time of year to do so). Skin consultations are complimentary here with us, they take around 10-mins, so if your passing by, please do pop in.

We have the Hydra Peel on offer until the end of April for €80, usually €99 so now is your chance to avail of the exceptional treatment with exceptional results. To make an appointment, call 018167080 and we'll get you booked.

You will thank me later ;)

Nicole xx


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