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Wow! I can’t believe I’m here at The Gym and Salon over a month now! I’ve settled in very well and it has massively helped that the team here are so lovely and a pleasure to work with!

In my previous life, I was working with Alfaparf - a lovely brand, but I am very excited to be working with Wella & Redken now! I just love them and use them myself - so that's handy! Annie and myself, recently attended a Wella refresher course; it's always great to learn more about new and improved products to work with in our industry - you can never know too much about hair products 😍

I knew about the Nioxin range, but my knowledge was limited, NOW, I'm converted! Nioxin, not only is it great for your hair, but amazing for your scalp and roots too; which in turn, is so important for strong hair growth.

Everyone tends to condition the ends of their hair as we can actually see it get dry and brittle but a lot of people forget the most important part of the conditioning process - concentrating on your new hair growth!

This is why Nioxin is such a great product and let’s face it, who doesn’t want thicker, fuller hair? Also, Nioxin is not only "Colour Safe" but it is also "Colour Save" meaning all your fabulous hair colour will not be affected and will last longer!

There is a Nioxin for all hair types and we have a 30-day kit for home use too. As we stand so firmly behind Nioxin, we also provide in-salon treatments that you can avail from when getting your blow-dry done and if you want Nioxin shampoo and conditioner at the basin, just mention it to the girls.

Don’t forget we are now open on Mondays and late night Thursdays; so our 2 Blow-Dry's per week offer is even more flexible for you! €35, for two blow-drys (yes, that includes curly ones) from Monday - Saturday of the same week.

Also, a BIG Thank-You, from me to you for being so friendly and making me feel very welcome; I really appreciate it!

Stay fabulous and see you during the week,

Ashling xx


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