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Tips for blow-drying your own hair


So in my last blog I went through what shampoo and conditioner products are best for your type of hair, and how to wash and condition the hair correctly.

(read Part 1= http://www.thegymhowth.com/single-post/2017/03/19/Andreas-Advice-For-Your-Hair)

Today I'm going to go through how to blow dry and/or curl your hair.


I think most of us find this a job and we try to avoid it as the results are far from what is desired :(

Well all is not lost! I'm going to give you a few tips, so no matter what your hair type you should be able to achieve much better results, yay!

(i) After shampooing & conditioning, (condition only if needed), from the ends first and combing hair through. (This step is very important.)

(ii) Make sure it is well rinsed.

(iii) Towel dry the hair and use a detangle comb to comb the hair through.

(iv) If hair is very tangled or very dry use a leave in conditioner spay. My ultimate favourite of these is the Revlon UniqONE, which are available in our salon.

This product will also protect the hair from the heat of the hair dryer, straighter and/or hair tongs.

Now you are ready to blow dry!

From talking to my clients over the years the big problem seems to be that most people try to dry their hair from soaking wet to dry, which only gives you a lot of hard work and a fussy and limp blow dry result.

- So before you even pick up a brush you need to take as much heavy wet out of the hair as possible.

- Just blast your hair with your hairdryer and using your hand to shake the hair with fingertips on your scalp. Do this motion all over the head until you feel all the heavy wet is gone, then do it for another five minutes until the hair feels almost dry.

- Don't panic if your hair is wild or bushy looking at this stage, it should be. When you feel your hair is almost dry take 3, (or 4 if you've a lot) horizontal sections across the head and clip them up.

- Now its time to get your brush. Starting from the bottom section, dry each section. If your hair needs smoothing down after this, start by leaving it alone for 30 minutes to one hour after you've blow dried. This time will allow for any moisture to settled down in the hair.

If you have small baby hair around your hairline, (which most Women do), then use a tiny brush to pull them straight.

**Do NOT be tempted to use a straightener on this baby hair, as it is already weak hair, and it will snap**

Then just run back over it wit your hair dryer and brush, and you should have achieved the smoothest blow dry you've ever done on yourself .

Yes I know it is a bit of hard work, but if your caught out with no appointment in the hairdressers and you're going out, these few changes may make all the difference. Also Velcro or sleep-in rollers really help after a blow dry to help keep body and shape. The longer you can leave them in the better. Larger ones will give more body to the root, whilst smaller ones will give a wave I the hair.

**** If you use a hair straightener****

Which I really don't recommend unless you've really strong hair, its important to use it right. Invest in a heat protection spray. Spray on each piece before you blow dry. A good leave in conditioner spray before drying will really help as well.

Always run a comb or brush through each piece before you run the straightener down. If you don't do this and hit a knot along the way, you will just burn the hair!

*NB when the hair is burnt or singed it cannot be saved it will continue to split. Hair that is burnt will have all tiny whit dots on the tips.

Curling your hair ideally should be done with a hair tongs or a hair wand rather than a straightener. But its really personal preference.

For curls, I always use a wand.

(i) Always have the skinny end down and the bigger end on the top.

(ii) Again take 3 to 4 horizontal sections across the head, and always bring the curls back off the face. If you find this confusing remember the first bit should go in front and around the wand, going from top to bottom.

(iii) Put hair spray on each piece before curling if you want a better longer lasting curl.

(iv) If you want waves don't use spray and just shake the hair with your fingers when you are finished to loosen them out.

I hope this blog was of some help to people, as I do struggle with my own hair, believe it or not.

Its not as easy as us hairstylists make it look, but a few tips here and there make all the difference.

I'm hoping to do a video blog next time. This will give you a chance to actually see what I'm talking about as I'm doing it.

Wishing you all good hair days,

Andrea xx

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