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Treat your hair with some Treatments 💁🏼‍♀

Hi Guys, Well we've had some really exciting changes at The Salon Howth. At the end of May we got The Salon renovated and went from one chair to four chairs. We have much more space - it's amazing! We have grown our Hair Team, with two new fabulous girls also - Ashling & Annie; so I'm thrilled to be saying "See Ya" to the cancellation book and we will be able to fit in all our lovely clients!

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---- People often ask me about different treatments and get confused about what ones do what...! So, today, I want to go through some of the services that we offer in The Salon, at the basin. The following treatments are all aimed at;- Hair that's been dried out- Hair that'e been over processed by chemicals or heat- Relaxation and chill out time for yourself, while benefiting your hair. These treatments include an:- Indian Head Massage & Hot Towel treatment using;> Wella Brilliance €20 or> Redken Megamask €25(prices are added on to your service) Total time 20 minute treatment. I always try to offer clients a solution to a hair or scalp problem that they may have rather than just letting them get any product or treatment. So; take a read, and see if anything below is close to home for you. WellaPlex I get a lot of questions about WellaPlex, so I'm going to try briefly explain what it is and why it differs from Olaplex. All 'plex's' reconstruct bonds for stronger hair. This means that during a colour process, particularly 'bleaching' the structure of the hair can break down, disintegrate and break away. So using a 'Plex' helps make bonds in the hair and dramatically reduce damage made by a chemical process. How is WellaPlex different? Wella waited a little longer to develop their 'Plex' as they wanted to see what areas they could improve on. The problem hairdressers found using other 'Plex's' was that the the liquid itself when added to the colour was actually diluting the product. Which means the client will not get their desired colour and you will end up having to repeat the whole process. WellaPlex has a unique pH for optimal penetration of lightening the dye molecules; ie. It does not effect the colour shift. WellaPlex is a 3 part system. - No.1 Bond Maker, is mixed in with your colour. - No.2 Bond Stabiliser, is put on for 10 mins after colour is rinsed off(before shampooing). €35 for parts one & two. - You can purchase No.3 Hair Stabiliser, in salon for €3, this should be used at home once a week and left on for 5 minutes to continue to keep the bonds in the hair strong. We also offer four Nioxin treatments at the basin. NIOXIN products are all aimed at giving you fuller thicker hair. For best results with Nioxin treatments follow using Nioxin 3 part systems. (Email me to book a complimentary consultation) DermabrasionIs best described as a facial for the scalp. It removes build up on the scalp and helps with dry scalp and itching, through gentle exfoliation. This is a 10 minute treatment recommended every 30-45 days until your problem starts to resolve.(€20 added to your service) PS. Not recommended the week of your colour service. DiaboostAn after shampoo service; Diaboost is applied to the scalp and styled as normal. It increases the thickness of each hair strand. (Add €5 onto your service)Diaboost can also be purchased for at home use at €51 Colour LockThis is a great treatment for the summer months! Colour Lock goes on directly after you've had your colour washed out. Colour Lock literally locks colour pigments into the hair which stops your colour fading and the loss of hair by 50%.(Add €10 to your service) Deep Protect Density Mask This 5 minute treatment at the basin provides up to 97% reduction of hair breakage and is lightweight so will not leave any deposit on the hair. (Add €10 to your service)This mask can also be purchased for at home use €25.80 Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I'd love to hear what your feedback from trying our treatments and if you have any questions, pop into me and we can go through them. I'm really excited for our New Hair Team, make sure you come in to say hello and of course this now means, that soon we'll be open Mondays and late nights, yay!! Leaving you with happy vibes & good hair days, Andrea xx


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