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Viv's Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Ingredients 80g of dark chocolate ( I use 75%, but you can use higher) 300g Silken Tofu 2 table spoons of maple syrup or honey 1 tea spoon of vanilla extract 1 pinch of salt

The main ingredients for this pudding is the tofu, chocolate and maple syrup or honey, depending on which one you're using.

First you want to melt the chocolate down.

Next put the tofu in a blender, along with the maple syrup/honey, vanilla extract and salt. Blend these ingredients together until the tofu is completely smooth.

Lastly add in the melted chocolate and blend everything together. Separate into 3 small bowls, and if you want add some chocolate flakes on top and voila! It is ready to eat.

You can also experiment with other flavours, like cinnamon or mint extract and have fun with the recipe!

Super easy to make, and each serving is about 180 calories!

Enjoy! :)



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