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Want to workout and lift the muscles of your face?

In Ireland we love looking after our skin, using all our fabulous lotions and potions... but we sometimes forget about the muscles lying underneath our skin - which shape and contour our face.

Yes it's very important to care for our skin and protect it from sun damage but it is also important to stimulate the muscles of the face, just like the muscles in our body, if you don't use it you lose it!

Here at The Salon Howth we have the answer for a more contoured, rejuvenated less puffy looking face (try to control your excitement).

It's the Guinot Hydradermie Lift Facial.

This is a 60-minute treatment with fantastic results. This facial is a great alternative to Botox or Surgery. Now, I would recommend a course of 6, before a special occasion, wedding or even a big job interview. (Side note: Coleen Rooney is a big fan!)

We use our Guinot Hydradermie machine combined with our cellular life complex and a relaxing massage. The skin is cleansed and exfoliated and the treatment itself is extremely relaxing.

Here are some quick snippets of the actual treatment taking place:




The first part of the treatment is our Anti-Age Drainage using electrodes to encourage lymph drainage and reduce puffiness - this is also great for relieving tension. This is followed by muscle stimulation which workouts the muscles of the face. We use a low frequency micro current to stimulate the facial muscles. The intensity can be increased depending on the clients sensitivity. This is great for any signs of sagging around the jaw line. A relaxing massage is carried out after the muscle stimulation and to complete the facial a lifting masque is applied.

❤ Your skin will look and feel great after this treatment.

❤ The skin will appear lifted and puffiness will be reduced.

❤ The condition of your skin will be plump and hydrated.

This facial is great for the person who wants a little lift without going down the route of surgery or Botox. It's fantastic for any slackness under the jaw and any facial puffiness.

If you feel like treating yourself or have a special occasion coming up, contact The Salon Howth.

See you soon for your face workout,

Siobhan xxWant to workout and lift the muscles of your face?


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