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Winter Facials @The Salon Howth

Hi everyone and welcome back to the beauty blog :)

Hope you are all welcoming the Winter weather... The salon is super busy and for very good reason too....we have two facials that we're focusing on for the next couple of weeks, here is some more detail so you know exactly how the magic happens...!


The BEAUTE NEAUVE facial is a 45-minute treatment that utilises fruit acid and Vitamin C to eliminate dead skin cells and brighten the skin.

✨ Benefits • Reduces pigmentation • Deeply exfoliates to remove dead skin cells • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines • Hydrates • Firms and brightens the skin

We then apply an exfoliating gel that softens lines, minimises wrinkles and brown spots, promotes a softer and clearer complexion, and helps unclog pores. I’m actually prone to getting blackheads on my T zone so this particular peel really helps when it comes to any extractions (if needed). A Vitamin-C enriched mask completes the treatment and reveals a more even complexion. The scents that fill your senses throughout the treatment are just bursting with citrus and zesty tones that will leave you feeling completely revitalised!!

Treatment is available for a limited time only at €50 ✨✨ (usually €63)

The second facial that we're focusing on is the HYDRADERMIE LIFT This is a 55-minute treatment that re-contours the shape of the face. It is a non surgical face lift treatment.

✨ Benefits • Minimises fine lines and wrinkles • Increases radiance • Lifts and rejuvenates the skin

The drainage aids in the removal of toxins from the muscle which in turn brighten the skin. Stimulation will then plump up the small muscles of the face that actually flatten with age so the result is a much younger looking you - it's literally like a workout for the face! After the workout, we follow the treatment with a relaxing massage which softens the facial features and rejuvenates the skin.

With all facials, I recommend a full course but for this one in particular (as it’s a workout for the muscles) as you will need to train the muscles it's important to have the treatments close together so as to speed up the results.

I am really looking forward to seeing you in the salon very soon! Your beauty expert,

Nic xx


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