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Your weight doesn't define you!

Updated: Aug 8, 2019


​ 'Its not all about the scales!

There's a common misconception among many gym goers that progress and success in any fitness regime is solely determined around numbers on the scale. This is most certainly not the case. We've all been guilty at some point of becoming slightly obsessed, or paying a little too much attention to the number on our weighing scales. However, it's important to realise that body composition can still change without any change on the scale. For example, someone who starts gaining additional muscle, loses some body fat and starts improving hydration could see very minimal change in kilograms.

Personally, I often find that I lose weight when I'm not training regularly and gain it when I am. This is mostly due to the fact that muscle weighs more than fat (for example one kilo of fat is approximately four times larger than one kilo of muscle).

Everyone’s “make up” is different, so whether your fitness journey sees you dropping the kilos or increasing them, some key factors you should consider when evaluating your progression include:

Higher Energy levels - do you feel more energised? Has your energy increased since working out.

Body toned or more firm - keep an eye on your clothes. Do they fit nicer? Do jeans fit better?

Improved mental health - are you in a better mood improved? Notice an improvement in general well-being?

Better skin, hair or nails - Increased hydration often leads to improvements in appearance, which can impact your body in many ways.

Improved fitness levels - how far have you come? Can you lift heavier? Do more burpees, run further, etc?

Positive Behavioural Changes - Improved fitness often is a catalyst in healthier lifestyle choices. These behavioural changes quite often can form a ‘good habit’ which results in an ongoing healthier lifestyle, which at times can impact whole families for the good.

Change in measurements – you may notice a couple of inches off the waist or arms etc. “Before and after pictures” are always a great way to track progress without paying too much attention to the kilos.

So, next time you look at your scales after working hard for an ongoing period of time and feel slightly deflated that you’re not noticing any difference, just remember to look at the bigger picture. Write down any benefits you notice, and believe me, they will start to increase as you continue on your fitness journey.

Want more information on progression and how to achieve your fitness goals speak to one of our trainers today. Or check out our latest offers on how we can get your started on a road to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Siobhan :)


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