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Class Credits

Experience variety like never before with our class credits!


🌟 From heart-pumping BODYCYCLE rhythm cycling to empowering PowerCycle combining weights and cycling, we offer a diverse range of classes tailored to your fitness needs. Dive into the rhythm with Step Aerobics, unleash your strength with Combat and Kickboxing, find balance with Pilates, and connect mind and body with Vinyasa, Hatha & Yin Yoga. With our class credits, you have the flexibility to explore and discover your favorite workouts while achieving your wellness goals.


Join us and embrace the journey to a healthier, happier you! 💪🧘‍♀️ 


⭐️ Your first three credits : €35 [*14 day expiry]

⭐️  1 credit : €18 

⭐️  5 credits : €85

⭐️ 12 credits : €190

⭐️ 20 credits : €300

⭐️ 35 credits : €500

⭐️ 50 credits : €650

⭐️ 100 credits : €1200

Class Credits

  • If you are unable to attend your booked class please cancel your reservation 12-hours before your class commences. Cancellations or "no shows" from clients will be automatically deducted a credit from their bundle. If the client has no active credits, they will be automatically deducted one the credit card stored on file.  If there is an emergency, or you have COVID-19 symptoms, please email and you will not be charged.

    We are a small business, with limited spaces and want everyone to get an awesome workout! 

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