Online Classes

Online Classes

Short Term Workout Solutions for COVID-19


We know how important working out is for your well... sanity! So, we have adjusted all our classes to reduce group environments & we've created LIVE ONLINE Classes too. 



All of our classes & personal training sessions are pre-booked only, with our C-19 Pricing. All current bundles & memberships are frozen from March 13-Mar 29, 2020 (unless an extension is necessary). 


Please note, we are voiding our cancellation policy for this period. 




🧼 Wash your hands before entering the studio or The Gym and post workout.
🧼 Bring your own mat & sweat towel
🧼 Bring your own sweat towel
🧼 For Yoga, bring your own blocks - if you have them
🧼 Bring your own pillow for Yin Classes.
🧼 Wipe down all your equipment post workout