Early Bird Membership

Early Bird Membership

  • Early Bird Membership

    Early bird catched the worm and all that.... the early birds catch the pre-breakfast sweat sweats sweat 🐣 

    Early Bird Membership entitles you to;

    - All of our 6.30am Workouts (any class concept)

    - Complementary nutritional and goal consultation 

    - Unlimited body composition assessments throughout the year. 

  • Membership Types

    Membership Types

    M. Membership - NC *no commitment

    Your monthly membership will expire 30-days from your first visit. You are not commited to us on this membership. Payment can be made online, cash, card (as long as it's real, we'll take it). Although we think you should commit...

    M. Membership - AUTOPAY

    30 days come around very quickly, we wanted to take the hassle away by organising your auto-pay (ooh that rhymes). Your monthly membership will automatically be renewed every month. You are not tied into a contract with us (it's not 1999), so if you want to cancel it please give 30days notice by email.

    Annual Membership 

    We've added MORE classes!

    If you invest in a one-off annual membership so you cab focus on yearly training rather than thinking about monthly payments, we'll change your 5-class per week access to unlimted access. 

  • Membership Policy

    Gentle Membership Policy Reminder

    When you are not a student anymore, you cannot avail of the student membership - be honest and tell us when you're free from college!

    Please be mindful of the classes that do take place in The Gym; we want everyone to have a good time, so please share your space. 

    Please bring a sweat towel with you when you're training. 

    All fees are non-refundable.

    Memberships and monthly passes cannot be paused, frozen or transferred to someone else.