Virtual Personal Training

Virtual Personal Training

If you're looking to workout from home, but need the discipline of a trainer to put you through your paces then look no further! 


Our trainers offer a kick-ass session designed to get you fitter, leaner, stronger and most of all feeling good about yourself! 


  • Pick the amount of sessions you wish to do from the dropdown on the right.
  • Choose from: 1, 10, 25, 50 or 100 sessions (the more you choose, the better the value!)
  • Let us hear more about you: click here to complete our consultation form.


Virtual Personal Training can be scheduled around days and times that suit you, via Facetime or Zoom! 


Let's do this! 

  • Virtual Personal Training Policy

    You can book into your PT up to three months in advance and cancel through your trainer, phone service of 018167080 or text service 083-8017188.