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Our wonderful Yogi and Pilates Instructor Susan has been teaching yoga for 11 years and did her original 500-hour Hatha teacher training with Yoga Therapy Ireland.


Since then she has trained in yoga therapy, advanced 300-hour teacher training with Bryce yoga and 50 hour Yin with Josh Summers.


Susan also has a new passion for Pilates and trained recently in PTTI Matwork 1 & 2.

Get booked into one of Susan's revitalising but challenging classes today and enjoy the passion and dedication she brings to every class!


500 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 

Yoga therapy
Advanced 300 hour Teacher Training - Bryce yoga 

50 hour Yin Yoga Josh Summers 

PTTI Matwork 1 & 2


FAV EXERCISE:  Ardha Chandrasana/ half moon pose and variations.

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