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Annual Membership

Feeling the love?


Our exclusive annual membership is available for all clients who want to workout with us A LOT and get to enjoy ALL the classes, ALL the time! 

The perks:


⚫ Unlimited class credits.

⚫ This can start whenever you want, so you can finish your existing credits/membership first.  

⚫ Never worry about topping up credits, when you can enjoy all class types, including; PowerCycle, BODYCYCLE, CombatCycle, StepCycle, Yoga & Pilates. 

⚫ Membership cannot be paused or frozen and cannot be shared with someone else.

⚫ This is a rolling membership that will automatically be renewed every 12 months.


Annual Membership

  • Please note our class cancellation policy:

    If you are unable to attend your booked class please cancel your reservation 12-hours before your class commences.

    Cancellations or "no shows" from Annual & Monthly Members will be automatically deducted 5e from their stored credit card. If there is an emergency, or you have COVID-19 symptoms, please call our front of house [ 018167080 ] and your class credit will not be deducted.

    We are a small business, with limited spaces and want everyone to get an awesome workout!

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