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Kickboxing Course

Kickboxing Course

This is gonna be a goodie!!!


We did kickboxing during our Military Camp in March & it was seriously whopper! So we've decided to run a 6-week course from May 14- June 18.


You will effectively learn combat skills. Kickboxing is an all-rounded fighting style that has both long-range and short-range striking techniques. It also covers offensive and defensive movements. And, not to mention it's a killerrrrrrrr workout!


🥊 You do not need any experience - this is a small group session 

🥊 We won't be taking drop-in's, so you're in it for the 6 weeks 

🥊 This is a 45minute class 

🥊 Tuesdays 6pm-6.45pm : May 14- June 18.

🥊 You need your own gloves [we have 1 pair left that Dell recommends in The Gym, which you can buy from us or from The Fight Store - link below]

🥊 Registration fee is  €35 & the course is covered via class credits or your current memebership

🥊 If you do not have class credits or a membership please register now & you can check out our bundles here 




Gloves :


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