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STEP Membership

Step into Fitness! 💙


If you love a fun and energetic workout, we have the perfect promotion for you. Our talented instructor, Sarah, teaches one Step class every Thursday evening at 7pm. And for the months of May and June, we're offering an unbeatable deal!


Step on Thursday nights @ 7pm for all of May and June for just €99!



Step is a high-energy, cardio-based group fitness class that involves stepping up and down on a raised platform. It's an excellent way to strengthen your legs and core, improve coordination, and boost your cardiovascular endurance.



1. Fun and Engaging: Step classes are known for their upbeat music and choreographed routines, making it an enjoyable and entertaining workout.

2. Burn Calories: The fast-paced movements of Step help you burn calories and shed those extra pounds.

3. Cardiovascular Health: Step is a fantastic cardio workout that strengthens your heart and lungs.

STEP Membership

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